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CASCOM ITV Information
  • Effective 23 August 2023, in accordance with Army Regulation and LIS Policy, all users of this U.S. Army Computer System must submit a completed RF-ITV 2875 form. Users will have 60 days to complete and submit the 2875 before being denied access to the RF-ITV tracking portal.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The Global Army ITV/TC AIMS Service Desk email address has changed from:

    usarmy.belvoir.peo-eis.mbx.amis-service-desk@army.mil, to:


    Users can begin to use this new email address immediately for any support needs.

  • Attn: POCs of RFID Read and Write nodes, please note, non-active RFID Read/Write nodes (nodes that have not uploaded data to the RF-ITV Tracking Portal within the past 180 days, or 60 days for PDKs/HHIs), will be de-activated (removed from the tracking portal).
  • Did You Know?
    The RF-ITV system combines data from the fielded RFID devices and the Satellite Tracking devices, processes it, and redistributes it to numerous other systems, such as IGC and the CENTCOM COP.
    About RF-ITV
    The RF-ITV system uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices and Satellite Tracking Devices to provide In-Transit Visibility (ITV) information required by the Department of Defense (DoD), our North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Allies, and Coalition Partners of the United States. The RF-ITV system traces the identity, status, and location of cargo from origin (depot or vendor) to destination via a worldwide infrastructure of RFID hardware and software. It also receives near real-time position reports for conveyances from numerous Satellite Tracking Systems (STS) such as the Army's Joint Battle Command - Platform (JBC-P / JCR-LOG). Data from these two technologies is combined, processed, and delivered to numerous systems and to provide global logistics support to the Joint Warfighter. Users can also access ITV data directly through web-based maps and tracking reports.